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The Coalition Has Hit 90 Member Groups

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We’re at 92 organizations and counting, to be precise. We’re excited to have partners who believe in restoring the vote from across Minnesota, including public safety, faith-based organizations, civic engagement and advocacy organizations, and those that provide direct services.

We’ve got updated data to share, too. Did you know that 70 percent of those disenfranchised by our state come from Greater Minnesota?

Or that the total number of people with felony convictions who can’t vote while on probation or supervision is now more than 53,000?

Or that 1.3% of Minnesota’s voting age population is disenfranchised?

Get your own copy of our updated legislative fact sheet below:

First Day of Session Twitter Storm

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Let’s send House Speaker Melissa Hortman, a friendly reminder to make voter restoration top priority in the house. #RestoreTheVoteMN

According to the Pew Charitable Trusts, Minnesota is the 7th ranking state for individuals on probation or parole. Minnesota has over 100,000 individuals currently on some level on probation or parole. Letting people vote while on felony probation can lower their chances to recidivate. A safe Minnesota is a voting Minnesota. Protect the legacy of the federal Voting Rights Act while holding our public officials accountable.