Restore the Vote Action During the Legislative Break

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Keeping voting rights restoration in the forefront of legislator’s minds is important, even if we don’t pass a bill this session. An opportunity to do this, especially for those outside the Metro, is during the Legislature’s spring break the week of April 10th when they are back in their districts. We need your help to keep this issue alive, please ask your constituencies to ask their legislators for an in-district meeting on voting restoration. Here is a message you can use:

51,000 Minnesotans living in our communities will be prohibited from taking the positive step of voting in upcoming elections because of their felony conviction. We can’t let up on letting legislators know why changing this situation is so important. The upcoming legislative break is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with your legislators.

Would you be willing to meet with your legislator about voting rights restoration during break when they are back in your district? All you need to do is call their office and ask for a meeting in their district during the break week of April 10th. Don’t know who your legislator is? Who Represents Me? Be sure to contact your State Representative and Senator (not US Representative or Senators). If you have scheduled a meeting then fill out this form: to let others know in case they would like to join you at the meeting. If you are not sure how to proceed, send an email to Mark Haase at with your contact information and we’ll follow up to help with this process. Please invite others to attend the meeting with you as well.

Attached below are three resourceful documents:

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