Support For Voting Rights Restoration Grows In Minnesota

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September 10, 2015

St. Paul, Minn. – Recent professionally-conducted polling in Minnesota shows statewide support for voting rights restoration. A recent poll found that 46% of Minnesotans believe that individuals living in the community and paying taxes should be eligible to vote, even if they are still on probation or parole for a felony conviction, versus 44% who believe they should not.

Public Policy Polling, a professional non-partisan opinion research firm, asked the following question to 1015 registered voters in August 2015:

Do you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with the following statement: Minnesota should adopt a policy that 20 other states use and allow those convicted of felonies to vote once they leave prison or jail.

Strongly agree 22%
Somewhat agree 24%
Somewhat disagree 18%
Strongly disagree 26%
Not sure 10%

41% of respondents identified themselves as conservative, and 33% as liberal: Very liberal 13%;  Somewhat liberal 20%; Moderate 26%; Somewhat conservative 25%; Very conservative 16%

“Disenfranchising American citizens has always been a bad thing – politically and morally – throughout our nation’s history. Liberty Minnesota is proud to support the effort to empower Minnesotans and give them a voice in their government,” stated Karl Eggers of Liberty Minnesota.

The Restore the Vote Coalition is working to restore voting rights to over 47,000 Minnesota citizens who live in the community but are unable to vote due to a felony conviction. Current Minnesota policy prohibits individuals from voting until they have finished all terms of their sentence, including probation, parole or conditional release.

Restoring voting rights to fellow Minnesotans who live in the community and pay taxes is supported by people across the ideological spectrum,” stated Jason Adkins, Executive Director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference. “Our coalition has had thousands of conversations with Minnesotans across the state who believe that allowing all Minnesota citizens who live in the community to vote would make our communities stronger, more engaged and more just. Polling only tell us so much based on a very short question. Once people understand the issue better and how it impacts Minnesotans and their families, we are finding that a strong majority support this change.”

The Restore the Vote Coalition, is made up of 72 organizations from across the state including, public safety organizations, governmental bodies, advocacy organizations and faith based groups.

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