• Minnesotans Restoring the Freedom to Vote!

  • Who We Are

    Faith-Based Organizations
    Faith in Minnesota
    Jewish Community Action
    Joint Religious Legislative Coalition
    Minneapolis Area Synod, ELCA
    Minnesota Catholic Conference
    Minnesota Council of Churches
    Minnesota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Alliance
    Muslim Association Society of MN (MAS)

    Labor Unions
    MN Nurses Association

    Direct Service Organizations
    African Immigrant Services
    American Indian OIC
    Goodwill/Easter Seals MN
    Integrated Community Solutions, Inc.
    L.I.F.E. In Recovery
    Loaves and Fishes Community
    Minnesota Trauma Recovery Institute
    MN Adult and Teen Challenge
    MN Community Action Partnership
    Minnesota Recovery Connection
    The Neighborhood Hub
    Open Access Connections
    St. Stephen’s Human Services

    Civic Engagement and Advocacy Organizations
    ACLU of Minnesota
    African American Leadership Forum (AALF)
    Center for Victims of Torture
    Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota
    Citizens for Election Integrity Minnesota
    Clean Elections Minnesota
    Common Cause MN
    Don’t Complain Activate
    Gender Justice
    Great North Innocence Project
    Growth & Justice
    Honor the Earth
    Land Stewardship Project
    League of Women Voters Minnesota
    Legal Rights Center
    Let The People Vote
    Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing (MICAH)
    Minnesota 100% Campaign
    Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless
    MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)
    Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
    Minnesota Freedom Fund
    Minnesota Justice Research Center
    MN Second Chance Coalition
    Minnesotans Standing Together to End Poverty (MNSTEP)
    Minnesota Voice
    New Justice Project
    Organizing Apprenticeship Project
    People For the American Way
    Prison Policy Initiative
    R3 Collaborative
    The Sentencing Project
    Stand Up America
    TakeAction Minnesota
    The Advocates for Human Rights
    TONE U.P. Inc.
    Until We Are All Free
    Urban League Twin Cities
    We Are All Criminals
    We Choose Us
    World Without Genocide

    Public Safety / Legal
    Association of Minnesota Counties
    Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    Minnesota Community Corrections Association
    Minnesota Corrections Association
    Minnesota County Attorneys Association
    Minnesota State Public Defender

    For more information, to get updates on voting restoration work, or to have your organization added to this list, contact JaNaé Bates at jbates@isaiahmn.org.

  • In Numbers

    Get to know Restore the Vote stats, courtesy of Dr. Chris Uggen, Regents Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota, and the paper he co-authored “Locked Out 2022: Estimates of People Denied Voting Rights.”


    Laws in 48 states ban people with felony convictions from voting, an estimated 4.6 million Americans in 2022. Two percent of the voting-age population is ineligible to vote.

    There’s a national trend toward reenfranchising people who are no longer incarcerated: Eight states have restored the vote to all non-incarcerated people in just the past six years.

    • An estimated 4.6 million people are disenfranchised due to a felony conviction. That’s down 24 percent since 2016 as more states enacted policies to curtail this practice and state prison populations declined modestly. 
    • Three out of four people disenfranchised live in their communities, having completed their sentences or remaining supervised on probation or parole. 
    • One in 19 Black Americans of voting age is disenfranchised, which is 5.3% of adult Black Americans. That rate is 3.5 times the rate for non-Black Americans.
    • Conservatively, at least 506,000 Latinx Americans – 1.7 percent of the voting-eligible population – are disenfranchised. 

    NOTE: The data in the report is based on estimates, not headcounts, which were unstable during the pandemic. 


    Disenfranchisement among Black adults is about 4.4X higher than disenfranchisement among the total adult population and about 5.3X higher than among non-Black adults.